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Welcome to Energy Design Services, LLC.

At Energy Design Services, (E.D.S.) we work in a professional manner to "Lower Energy Costs by Design". There are larger companies (charging much more) that achieve energy savings, but they do not give the individual attention we insist on. We use the networking concept to give you the best personnel at the lowest costs.

Many Ways to Save Throughout Facility

Facilities have many ways they can save on energy costs. We supply the equipment and the technical support needed for facilities to save on their bottom line immediately.

 E.D.S is an electrical design-consulting firm, which specializes in improving equipment, lighting, and air conditioning system's efficiency. We make improvements by using general engineering practices combined with specially designed equipment to improve an organization's equipment, lighting, and air conditioning system. Our work results in reduced electric bills for running the existing equipment, lighting, and air conditioning. Or, in many cases, we can replace lighting and increase light level and use half the power of before.

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"Lower Energy Costs By Design" with an E.D.S. system