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Energy Design Services Our Dedication

Energy Design Services, a Tennessee based company, is dedicated to lowering costs. We can work with your existing lighting, or replace it with new that will improve light levels and cost far less to operate. In fact in some cases we can lower lighting cost by as much as 65% !

To achieve our dedicated goal to you, we zero in on these four key areas.
1. Reducing Lighting & Air Conditioning Cost.
2. Increase Air Conditioning Performance.
3. Increase Light Levels and Lower Lighting Cost.
4. Improve motor efficeincy and motor life
5. Reducing Wattage or Power.

The Story Behind Energy Design Services, LLC

The founder is Lesia Blaue, who with the help of Christopher Stevens, formed Energy Design Services, a network designed organization, which became a LLC in 2001.

Lesia graduated from Central Missouri State University with a B.S. in Journalism and English. Lesia has years of experience in business administration services. Chris received, with honors, a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and has a M.B.A. Chris has over 20 years of electrical engineering experience. These two joined forces to strengthen this company. Chris became an important element of E.D.S. after he designed, with another engineer, a unit to reduce lighting costs.

Energy Design Services' Staff
Is comprised of highly skilled professionals dedicated to Power Quality and Energy Conservation. Every day we are helping organizations to increase their profits in this highly competitive market by way of improving Lighting, Equipment and Air Conditioning efficiency. Our staff is networked to us allowing us to obtain and retain the best personnel at reasonable prices - thus we keep your prices at a point you can more easily make a profit.

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"Lower Energy Cost By Design"